kidOYO 101

Unlimited Beginner Learning

Who Should Join?

Beginner learners (7+) seeking to build a foundation of skills using multiple programming languages, tools and computational thinking methods. Our mentors are trained to work with beginner learners of all ages, contextually.

(Students enrolled in kidOYO school communities in grades K-12 receive the content in this community)

What Will You Learn?

Logical Thinking

Visual Programming

Typing Practice

Web Development

Python Programming

Pixel Art

Sequential logic riddles provide an introduction to computational problem-solving and block-based programming. Students are introduced to basic computer science concepts and iterative methods of “failing forward” towards defined goals, while being challenged to create their own learning progressions.

Using the Scratch programming language, created at MIT, learners engage creative computing challenges while building skills they may utilize in developing their own creative projects. Prior to development of typing skills, visual programming languages allow learners to build complex computational projects and skills that are easily transferrable to other high level languages.

Typing code in languages such as Java, Python, C++ or HTML requires practice. The keyboard is still a primary tool of creative development for programmers, even in the age of touch screens. Our learning apps help make practice fun & social, and record learners results for personal motivation and skill tracking over time.

Learn to build your own home on the web! Starting with HTML, CSS and Javascript, learners will build their own website to publish the creative projects being built in multiple languages. Every account receives a text editor for writing code, web hosting and a custom domain name where your website lives on the internet. The possibilities are endless for creators of the web!

One of the most popular programming languages in the world, and a source of ample real world opportunity for those that are proficient in its use, Python powers the efforts of data scientists in visualizing meaning contained within large data sets, as well as popular services such as YouTube and Netflix. Mentors will help learners get started building skills and progress in project complexity using this powerful language.

Art is critical in engineering domains, and here learners will engage creative tools and lessons to build their own character art (Sprites) for inclusion in their own Scratch, Web and Python projects. Additionally, entrepreneurial planning apps can help learners think through process of taking their interests into more ambitious real world markets using the skills they develop in this community.

What Learning Materials Are Included?

Our method of instruction is succinct and feeds personal motivation: Course + Challenge + Badge

Learners will engage learning pathways providing guidance and options for self-led learners. Courses may be engaged based on interest of learner at any pace desired. Challenges initiate an unlimited mentor feedback loop whereby learners demonstrate understanding of concepts and mentors provide personal guidance where needed. Micro-credentials, or badges are them earned and evidence of skill mastery is attached to badge for documenting skills over time.

6 Learning Paths

50+ Courses

120+ Challenges

100+ Badges

+ Interactive Peer Learning

Community-tools such as a public wall with @referencing of peers and mentors enables direct communication between peer learners. Students can mentor each other, as well as receive help from kidOYO’s best mentors!

+ Mentor Feedback

At kidOYO, we’re innovating how direct virtual learning works, and we have years of research and practice backing up our best methods. Mentor Tokens empower students to drive their own learning opportunity directly with kidOYO certified mentors. Every interaction produces an opportunity for mentor engagement, and incremental feedback from mentors allows students to make real progress in building foundational skills. Later, learners will be challenged to add efficiency to their learning curves by adopting effective methods of self-led iterative development. First, we build foundations together!

What’s The Price?

The initial cost of joining this community is visible below.
After the initial 1 year subscription ends, future years will renew at only $40.

Community + Content

$ 40/Year

Mentor Feedback

$ 55

Includes 5500 Mentor Tokens

1st Year Total

$ 95

You Will Also Get …

Parent Account

Personal Website Hosting

Custom Website Domain

Portfolio Page

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